Main Story

A town called tool is set in a land formally known as France, this is because A town called Tool is set in 4374 after humanity was mostly destroyed in the era of the mad man, which lasted from 2016-2021 and finally came to an end when the President of the United States and their family were finally captured and killed.

The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, some parts of Africa and Asia are the only surviving lands, after the President of United States declared war and destroyed most of the earth with Russia´s and North Korea´s help, and then declared himself king of the world.

Unbeknownst to the world, North Korea had been building miniature nuclear warheads that could replicate the damage done at Chernobyl, with Russia supplying the information and United States supplying the funding, North Korea was able to build enough arsenal for the 3 nations to eradicate much of the world.

This all resulted after the 2020 election where a surprising candidate won but the popular vote showed that their opponent was even further ahead than there surprising victory in 2016.

This ended in an attempted impeachment of the President, which would have been successful, but before it could be the President of the United States retaliated by destroying the world with his cohort leaders from Russia and North Korea.

POTUS would eventually turn on Russia and North Korea, as POTUS felt they would eventually turn on him. This took POTUS´s protection away and the remaining people then rallied to defeat POTUS by killing him and his family.

Humanity rebuilt after this but very slowly, a "1 humanity, 1 earth rule" governed by the United Nations and a new fair political system was installed, to make sure that the "the mad man era" would never happen again.

True equality was installed and the President of the World was installed via a true democracy governed by the people. This was done to unite the world and it did, but this brought forth Wraith to try and destroy the world again, just like she came so close to doing when she guided the President of the United States all they years ago.

Wraith has played a big part in humanity´s history, any wars or plagues that happened, happened due to Wraith manipulating specific humans into trying to end the world, she was never able to fully complete this task, as the good in humanity always won out but she has never come this close to achieving her goal and she is not about to let the good in humanity thwart her plans to conquer Earth and make it her home.

More areas of the world are now habitable after the Equality War, humanity is about to start spreading out across the world and A Town Called Tool is the first new town built, a lottery was used to determine who moved to the town and we join the new inhabitants of the Town, a couple of months after they have moved in.

The people of Tool know the importance of there town but they have no idea how important Tool is to the future of the human race.